Art Practice

Peter & Molly are performance-oriented artists based in Perth, Western Australia. They have been working in partnership since July 2015, and have since exhibited works at galleries including the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and other Australian commercial galleries. Their collaborative practice is founded upon a project of disruption and critique aimed at hermeneutic cultural and social systems, and the reassessing of normative ideals of gender and identity formation; employing methods of film, sound, fashion and sculpture, to create striking, large-scale installations.

About The Artists

Peter Cheng was born in 1990 and is an artist, filmmaker and photographer. As part of his ongoing series of documentary shorts, Perth Artists, Peter has sought to open a dialogue on the subject of artistic practice, and the variety of means, approaches and contexts specific to established and emerging artists, and has accordingly taken up a residency at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. Since graduating film school in 2011, Peter has contributed to several projects spanning contemporary art, performance and film, including Tracey Moffat’s Art calls, Derek Kreckler’s Accident & Process, Performing Lines and STRUT Dance, and the Proximity Festival. Additionally, Peter collaborated with Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, and Cecile B. Evans for the 2016 Sydney Biennale.

Molly Biddle was born in 1991 and is a researcher, writer, sound-producer and artist. Molly draws upon their background in sexology and psychology, engaging with questions pertaining to moral dumbfounding and conditions of shame; challenging the gender binary and the notion of the traditional human. Molly gained experience in sound production while studying at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, and is currently a songwriter and performer for Safe Sex; a project which promotes safe sex via music, media and performance art. For the past four years Molly has worked in mental health and suicide prevention.